What a Difference A Year Can Make

2017 has been an explosive year for martech, providing marketers with an overwhelming number of choices that make it almost impossible to keep up with the trends. More than half of marketers surveyed think that the landscape is evolving faster than their companies can actually adopt the use of the technology.

The abundance of so many marketing tech options can be a positive and a negative thing. Today there are literally 3,874 martech solutions and counting, making this an increase in the number of solutions of 84 percent year over year. What a difference a year can make.

With this type of growth, there is bound to be a gap between innovation and adoption. However the latest study, called State of Marketing Technology released in early 2017 by Walker Sands and Cheifmartec.com concludes that the gap is narrowing within marketing departments across the U.S.

This year marketers reported having increased martech budgets and fewer roadblocks from their companies to adopt new technology. As these budgets and expectations grow, so does the need for a diverse martech stack. The single-vendor suite solution that used to be the trend has gone out of style. It’s ok to embrace a number of solutions, as long as they all work together.

Another very interesting finding of this study was that a majority of marketing technology is now owned by the business users, and not IT. I tell you, the times, they are a-changin’ (hat tip: Bob Dylan).

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Image courtesy of edtechteacher.org