TO Print or not TO Print?

Marketing automation is a buzz word these days. Do you have this technology? How are you using it? How is it impacting your work?

If you love your marketing, your processes and your campaigns, you can stop reading this post (but of course return next week for more of my witty rambles).

If you feel like you could be doing something differently, please stay for the read. I talk my sales team to exhaustion about the concept of data-driven print. There is so much power in personalization these days and direct mail can be a very real part of any marketing campaign.

But it can’t just be print and it has to be personalized.

Think through these questions:
1. How good is your customer experience – when a lead comes in, depending on where it comes from, how good, and more importantly, how effective is your first communication?
2. Your communications … how are they triggered? Are they repetitive to the point where they are automated?
3. Do your marketing processes incorporate a way to measure ROI (yep, data)?

The customer experience is key. You need to engage with prospects immediately and ensure there’s a consistent communication strategy across the board. Consistently, marketing automation technologies (if you can get it set up and working for your company) seem to be the holy grail when it comes to lead nurturing.

Did that lead come in through Facebook? A conference? Your website? Automation can ensure consistency. How many leads do you have that you woulda, coulda, shoulda done something with? And lastly, how well are you tracking conversion rates and ROI? Because if you want lots of marketing $$ to run campaigns, chances are that someone is going to ask you for some proof positive.

I lied, one more question:
4. How often do you use print in a marketing campaign?

I talk a lot about print and its impact. What if you could use print, with a proven ROI, as part of a marketing campaign set up through marketing automation technology?

Steve, what the heck are you talking about?

Imagine this. A workflow that incorporates print.

You set up your campaign in Oracle’s Eloqua. The campaign is multi-touch with various if-then rules and with a variable data direct mail piece included. Also, you only want to send this direct mail piece if a prospect responds to a trigger. You can upload your files beforehand using a nifty push-to-print application we’ve created called TO Print. Files are proofed, ready to go. When that trigger is alerted in Eloqua, boom, your targeted direct mail piece is printed and mailed. But it doesn’t stop there. The automation part of this means two-way data integration. You receive notification when the mailing is sent and when it is set to arrive, which triggers additional responses within your campaign.

Fancy, right? Not only are you printing, you are printing on a secure network. The TO Print solution verifies any data sent multiple times while processing it and implements multiple checkpoints for integrity verification along the way. All print locations handling sensitive client data are HIPPA/PHI and AT101/SOC2 compliant.

You really can integrate and scale your marketing campaigns with print. You should try it out. Seriously. Just send me an email and I’ll show you how it works.