Say what? You snapped who? How to really reach millennials.

No matter how you look at it, digital media shapes the way we shop, especially if that shopper is a millennial, who grew up using the World Wide Web. Millennials were the first generation to do so, which automatically makes them avid omnichannel shoppers. Let me repeat the word…avid. They grew up shopping online, with a digital device glued to their palms. Many don’t know what a real telephone looks like.

It is crucial to make sure your omnichannel strategy is evolving to grow with these savvy shoppers.

Millennials are emerging as heavy coupon users. When choosing to shop in a physical store, this generation often uses a mobile phone to find a coupon, or to do their research right there in the store, ensuring they get the best deal. Valassis reports that this year, 94% of Millennials are using coupons – up from 88% in 2016. And 61% of them spend over two hours each week looking for coupons and deals.

Sure these savvy young shoppers love paperless discounts and they lead the way more than any other generation in using them. Despite their use of digital to find savings, millennials also respond well to email marketing, listed as a primary influence for making retailer eComm purchases. Apps and programs that offer flash sales like Groupon, discount codes on RetailMeNot and cash-back programs like Ebates are all basically indistinguishable from the coupons of yesterday.

But just when we thought we had them all figured out, we find that we should know better than to assume. Millennials like print. A third of millennial coupon users reported increasing their paper coupon usage through mailed coupons and those that come in newspaper coupon books. Who’s laughing now?

Apparently millennials actually pay attention to that thick blue envelope of coupons that comes in the mail distributed by Valpak Direct Marketing Systems. It arrives in our mailboxes, full of coupons for neighborhood businesses that have localized search online, offering codes for online discounts. Last year the company said close to 2 million coupons were printed through the Valpak app and mobile website.

Forrester Research concludes that part of the reason for paper coupon usage staying strong is likely due to the fact that most digital options aren’t proving to be a seamless customer experience. Forrester states in their research, “Somehow, in the upside-down world of couponing, digital is actually more difficult than paper.”

The takeaway here is that any company targeting millennials – which, let’s face it, one day will be all of us – should have a clear omnichanel marketing in place to engage with them.

We like technology. And we like print. We’re a great partner for helping you achieve your goals (even if you aren’t targeting millennials). So don’t be shy, reach out to us.