Put Your Data To Work

For those of you who read my blogs, you know that I like to follow marketing trends and keep my finger on the pulse of technology. Last year, the gap between Martech and the adoption rate of companies that were in a position to take advantage of data harnessing solutions was starting to narrow. With 3,874 martech solutions reportedly available last year alone, it is no small feat to find the right partner to leverage data to your advantage. But, if you want to be successful, and take your marketing to the next level, you kinda sorta need some technology.

Two years ago, eMarketer reported that 42% of U.S. marketers still preferred using a single vendor and fragmented, best-of-breed architect solutions, despite the many advantages realized by merging platforms. From experience, I know that siloed architecture alone can’t work. It’s not efficient and it’s not productive. Just like how omnichannel marketing has become a focus of most marketers, so too will be how we treat and manage our data.

Today, almost half of global marketers are in a position to integrate data across all of their tech, according to a 2018 survey from Ascend2. If you aren’t making the shift to actively use your data by 2019, your sales could be in for big trouble.

If your brand does digital advertising, data competence is crucial for your business. By 2019, 83.6% of US digital display spending will happen automatically through the programmatic pipeline. While relying on third-party data allows brands to reach more people, it is unreliable, say 82% of advertisers. More reasons to put your own data to work for you.

Unfortunately, data does not come in a neat little consistent package, Adam Kleinberg, CEO of Traction reminds us, “It comes in all shapes and sizes and from all kinds of places. Getting that to all work together seamlessly is frequently labor intensive and sometimes impossible.”

BUT, that’s where we come in! I love a challenge. Especially a data challenge.

We continually help our clients better harness their data to increase ROI. Need help parsing your data? Contact me.

P.S. Our cool new technology, TO Print, helps clients utilize print as a tactic within an automated, data-driven campaign. It is designed specifically to help marketers integrate and track print easily and effectively. What can be better than using your data to create more reliable data to hone your marketing strategy?