Popular Marketing Trends: Are you Putting your Money Where Your Mouth is?

As a marketer, in order to get the best bang for your buck, you can’t just look at what has been successful in the past. You also have to consider what new technologies will work for your brand in the future.

Since I’ve been in the biz for over 30 years, it’s not a surprise to me that the key trends don’t always line up with what marketers say they are going to spend their money on.

According to a Trackmaven trends article, the number one priority for marketers will be software and tools needed to support marketing strategy. The second priority will be the automation of emails. By using automation + data from sales programs, purchases and analytics tracking, you can save hours of work.

And getting hours back in your day is always muy bueno.

Now, let’s consider the NAPCO Media Research that recently surveyed marketers with just one question (don’t you wish all surveys were that short??) That one question was: “Which technologies, solutions and services will your company be investing in for 2017?”

Since it’s been a top initiative for quite some time, I wasn’t surprised to see social media leading with 67% of respondents picking that as their number one priority. Email marketing tech services came in at 62%. Not too far behind the top two, in the middle of the pack, was that marketers are also planning on investing in content marketing, web analytics and direct mail solutions (since I’m in the print business I especially liked the last one!) As I mentioned in an earlier blog, according to the 2015 Direct Marketing Association Response Rate Report, no matter what industry, direct mail brings in a 3.7% response rate, as opposed to a 0.1% rate for email and social-media combined.

A little farther down on the NAPCO survey of priorities were CRM and marketing automation. If I were a betting man, I’d bet these initiatives will start to climb higher and higher each year as technology catches up, making marketing communications more seamless. Want to combine marketing automation WITH print for the biggest bang for your buck? Check out TO Print, which integrates with Oracle’s Eloqua. We already have the technology in place to provide solutions that deliver impactful, relevant, and personalized communications through multi-channel programs integrating direct mail, email, and PURLs.

So, if you are still in the process of choosing which investments to make this year, make sure you have the data to back up your decision making and have the right partners in place to grow your business. Like T/O 🙂