Memorable Print Advertising for 2020

In a previous post, we discussed how printed marketing can be more effective than digital, but to be worth the investment, sound, strong marketing principals must be applied. There is nothing more memorable than an effective, unique print ad. Marketers need to keep the principals of advertising at the forefront, and not be seduced by slick print devices. The famous publicist, David Ogilvy, was known to say “Advertising is not an art form, it’s a medium for information, a message for a single purpose: to sell.”

An advertisement should inspire a reaction from the viewer, inspiration to buy. Creativity should circle around how to explain the product and the ways it will improve the consumer’s life in the briefest way possible. The message must be clear not hidden in creative, clever content that challenges the viewer to think through the message. They won’t, they will just turn the page.


Identify who this product is for. Take the time to research the targeted consumer; how does that person think and what does that person need. Use the everyday language, even slang if appropriate, of that customer. But remember to respect the intelligence of the reader, and don’t make outrageous claims. Create the message as if speaking to a friend that you are convincing to buy the product.

The use of personalization can assist in appealing to the reader. With data-driven print tactics, send your ad directly to interested consumers or put the printed piece into the places where that customer will be.


Most every viewer will read the headline of an ad while only a couple will continue on to the body. Make your headline count. Headlines should be informative, and while it can be clever, it should clearly announce the product. The headline should be interesting enough to capture the reader’s attention so that they read on.

Since a headline is so important, you can use the power of the internet to test it before committing. Post it on social networks and analyze the number of clicks generated. Readers scroll quickly through social posts, so if they paused to click on your headline, the number of clicks can be meaningful data.

Once you have grabbed the consumer’s attention with your strong headline, be sure to provide relevant information. Do not create content that is so clever, the reader will have to stop and think. They won’t, they will just turn the page. Artistic delivery will not mean much if the information is not there that urges the consumer to purchase the product. It is the content of the ad that sells not the form.

Make your product the hero and the star of your ad. Let’s be honest, there are other products and services out there that are similar to the one you are advertising. Find that something extra that your product brings to the table. Show how it represents the company brand. Using the information you gathered when learning about the targeted consumer, show how they relate to everything the product represents. Use everyday language. Include a call to action.

There’s only one thing that your print ad must do and that is sell the product. It does not need to win art awards or entertain the reader or be the cleverest. It can be all of these things, as long as it sells the product. At T/O Printing, we have three decades of experience creating solutions for print marketing success. With our team and these tried and true advertising principals, a print ad can be the key piece in a memorable marketing strategy for 2020.