Marketing to Millennials

Although no one can agree on the exact birth years that define Millennials, it is universally agreed that growing up in the information age, Millennials use and depend on technology. With information available at their fingertips, Millennials rely on digital devices for most things including dining choices, shop locations and shipped merchandise that can be ordered by a click of a button and lands on the doorstep a day later. If they have a question about anything, they refer back to their devices and can have information in seconds.

Millennials and PrintWith phones or tablets glued to their hands, Millennials spend an exceptional amount of time viewing screens. USA Today references a report that states 41% of those millennials say they struggle with technology overload. Millennials feel pressured to keep up with multiple Social Media accounts as well as with work communications and are overwhelmed. Those screens are filled with content and survival depends on focusing on the original purpose for opening the application. Chris Westfall, a well known keynote speaker and author, acknowledges the challenge Millennials are faced with. He states that power is not knowledge; it is knowing what to ignore.

Millennial Behaviors

To be successful marketing to millennials, brands need to understand what will capture the attention of these tech savvy consumers. Millennials spend cautiously and due to their digital mastery are brilliant at finding the best bargains and using loyalty programs to save money.

Millennials have become masters at scrolling right past digital advertising. In fact, most find pop-up ads annoying, and only open emails from senders they recognize or their loyalty programs: 48% say they ignore email advertising while only 15% said they ignore direct mail. 57% said they have responded to a coupon found in a magazine. These and other intriguing findings about millennial attitudes and behavior should be considered in a marketing plan that targets millennials.

Effect of Print Marketing

Marketers are particularly challenged to create digital advertising that can capture their attention. But Millennials have admitted to craving in-person interaction. In their frustration with information overload, a printed piece such as a mailer or magazine ad can be a moment of calm in the midst of digital chaos. Growing up in the digital age that offered fewer opportunities of interaction with tangible media, it is engaging to hold something physical.

Statistics show that Millennials read magazines at a similar rate as Generation X and Baby Boomers. Words on paper convey trust. There is something about a solid, physical magazine or mailer that is held in the hand that makes it a more real experience.  Digital communication is common place, easy and quick, therefore has lesser perceived value than print. It is more meaningful and evokes an emotional response to receive a birthday card in the mail versus a post on Facebook or email card.

Integrating Print and Digital Marketing

Marketers have to go beyond the misconception that the only way to reach Millennials is with digital content and explore blending mediums to find the perfect mix. Marketers need to create campaigns that use print and digital in engaging, new ways that will capture the imagination of this highly educated generation.

Using online data such as Facebook Insights, marketers can develop appealing targeted mailers or inserts that inspire readers to save them for future reference. The content can drive the prospect to digital content or a marketplace.

Millennials are attracted by slick content that looks good, appeals to their emotions and social awareness, and ultimately fulfills a need or desire. Personalization and incentives are key elements in encouraging brand loyalty. It is essential to develop a multichannel marketing strategy that uses print marketing with digital to influence purchasing behavior in ways that Millennials prefer.

Marketing Providers

With three decades of print behind them, T/O understands marketing technology and data driven print. T/O can provide solutions that integrate digital and print tactics. The T/O team can design a highly effective marketing campaign that will snag the attention of the millennial crowd.