Humanize Your Brand with Reverse Personalization

A new trend is emerging: Reverse Personalization

By now most marketers are fully aware of the importance of using customer personalization in their digital (and sometimes traditional) communications. They understand that it is a critical part of a good marketing strategy – a must for creating engaging customer experiences.

A new trend is starting to emerge. It is called reverse personalization. This could be just the change that gives your marketing a much-needed kick in the pants.

Reverse personalization is the process of humanizing your brand for the customers and clients you serve.

Do you know of any companies that are currently doing this? Andrew Davis, author and keynote speaker, recently called out a company who does this well! He turned me onto the Domino’s Tracker, and I have to say that it is brilliant! I ordered a pizza to test it out, and I smiled with anticipation as the updates came across my phone. It’s like the anticipation that comes with awaiting a package … am I right?

Speaking of which, studies show that it’s the anticipation of a product that makes us happier ­– more than the actual product itself. To increase customer satisfaction, the key is to increase customer anticipation.

Reverse Personalization

Back to the tracker: “Tina put your order in the oven at 5:58 pm.” The anticipation began to take over as I glanced at my phone message and wondered if Tina was taking good care of my “pie.” I feel more attached to the brand already with the behind the scenes peek.

With a little help from modern technology, the pizza tracker keeps pizza lovers updated every step of the way, so they can watch their order progress – helping to create the loyalty so many companies strive for.

Davis reminded me that in the old days, hungry customers had to pick up the phone to place an order. (My daughter does not remember those days.) After hanging up, they would then pretty much go about their business until the doorbell rang.  But, with the pizza tracker there’s a good 30 minutes when Domino’s customers are interacting with the brand almost the entire time.

Domino’s first launched the pizza tracker back in 2008. Within 5 years of implementing the reverse personalization experience, their stock price quadrupled. Oh, and their online sales came in at $1 billion.

You can see they are staying top of mind.  Just go onto Twitter to check out the buzz for #dominospizzatracker. Here’s what a few pizza lovers tweeted:

“@dominos order tracker is awesome. Knowing that your pizza is being cooked is enough, but knowing WHO put it in the oven? That’s genius”

There’s something so oddly satisfying about watching my pizza on its journey to my mouth. #dominospizzatracker

What Domino’s is really doing is raising the anticipation for their product’s arrival in your life, in turn increasing the connection.

What can you start doing today to implement reverse personalization and increase the anticipation for your products?

It can be a move that is small and inexpensive, yet have a big impact on sales. Maybe it’s as simple as an email introducing someone in shipping, or a video of a new customer service rep that may be servicing them, or preprinted “hand-written” thank-you notes included with every product telling them something about you.

Time to humanize your brand.