Don’t Fear Data

As we go about our regular daily lives leaving digital footprints, the amount of data we create and have access to when it comes to our customers can be totally overwhelming. I know that feeling first hand.

Luckily, there are many new technologies out there meant to help marketers. The ways of optimizing data are becoming more and more sophisticated, and it’s really important to do this well in order to create an impact to your bottom line.

Get this – according to the market research firm IDC, the digital universe is doubling in size every two years.  What’s even more shocking, by the year 2020 everyone, everywhere, in the world will have created and copied – with cell phones, social media, working online, etc. – 44 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes of data, unleashing new opportunities for your business that you never thought possible.

Yeah, that’s a lot of data. To be a leader in your industry, it’s important to use data-driven marketing practices and analytics with the right mix of technology.

No need to fear the data. When you embrace it, data can provide you with so much valuable information: where your company sits in the marketplace, how your customer data set is defined, how to target new customers and other key information that can unveil your growth potential.

Are you overwhelmed? Don’t be.

Take a few steps back and decide what you want your endgame to be. Think through what success for your company looks like. Then take a look at your data and see if you have what you need to accomplish your goals. I’m grossly oversimplifying this, but if you collect data, you can use it in some way (after scrubbing it like crazy). Incomplete, inaccurate, irrelevant and duplicate data can give you the wrong picture that leads to bad decisions. As this Marketing Tech article mentions, “it’s important to encourage your team to grow more comfortable analyzing data and to understand where it fits in.”

Any CRM system or marketing automation solution can help you segment and utilize your data effectively.

Although it can be a challenge to harness the right data, data can bring you closer to more customers, improving their experience and buying journey … hopefully in return making your department a money-making machine.

We also have some cool new technology that can integrate with your marketing automation solutions that will help you utilize print as a tactic within a data-driven campaign. I like brainstorming so email me to learn more.