The Challenge:

A nonprofit organization promotes various educational events for their members to purchase and attend throughout the year. They were mailing postcards to qualified members with event details. Response and attendance at events was lower than what they had anticipated. They were looking for a solution to increase the number of members purchasing and attending their events.

The Solution:

The organization’s agency collaborated with locr® maps to develop a more effective direct mail solution that would increase event attendance. A campaign was created using a fully variable postcard printed with T/O’s digital 4-color imaging technology. Variable maps indicated the event location closest to individual recipient’s home.

They started out by testing a smaller quantity with maps. Due to the overwhelming success of the campaign, the map version became the new control. Because they were able to achieve such high response to the event mailings, the attention shifted from attempting to get additional attendees to developing a model for managing responses and locations. A great problem to have!

A demand model was developed that would provide a variable map showing several different event location options within a given radius of the members address. Members now have a choice of locations, if their first choice is full.

The Results

The combination of adding 4-color variable maps along with vastly improved targeting of the mailing lists was proven to dramatically enhance response and attendance for this nonprofit organization’s educational events. They were able to achieve an astounding 75% increase in response and 15% increase in event attendance.

Due to the results, quantities are expected to increased by millions of additional mail pieces by the
end of the year.

At T/O, we have the technology and solutions to help deliver tailored direct mail communications that increase customer engagement, drive response and improve performance.

Our business is governed by multiple levels of sales prevention tactics (also referred to as MNDAs and NDAs) so we can’t share with you our client names or the exact tactics they have leveraged to achieve these results. What we can do is share with you all of the tools in our tool box and help you leverage the same so you may achieve the results you are looking for.





A campaign using fully variable postcards printed with digital 4-color imaging technology. Variable maps indicate the event location closest to individual recipient’s home.


>An astounding 75% increase in response
>15% increase in event attendance
>Expect quantities to increase by millions of additional mail pieces by year end

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