A system of not-for-profit hospitals was looking to increase the number of preventative health appointments.

The Challenge:

Historically, the hospital took a passive approach to driving existing patients to preventative health appointments, with the main driver being an opt-in email communication to schedule an appointment.

The hospital contacted the solutions team at T/O to help design an engagement solution that leveraged data (PHI) to drive and ultimately reward patient behavior.

The Solution:

The team at T/O created a system that extracted PHI from the client’s internal DMP (data management platform) on a weekly basis. Once that data was in our system, we segmented it based upon prescriptive needs and initialed an all channel communication strategy that leveraged email, PURL’s, direct mail and ultimately a reward — in the form of a gift card — for completing the desired behavior.

The Results:

Ongoing. To date, the hospital system has seen an increase in preventative appointments.

Our business is governed by multiple levels of sales prevention tactics (also referred to as MNDAs and NDAs) so we can’t share with you our client names or the exact tactics they have leveraged to achieve these results. What we can do is share with you all of the tools in our tool box and help you leverage the same so you may achieve the results you are looking for.





Created a custom system that extracts PHI from client's internal DMP and leverages data in all channel marketing strategy that T/O executes upon


>Increase in preventative appointments, which was the overall goal of the campaign

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