The Challenge:

T/O was challenged with finding an efficient alternative to a Managed Care Organization’s current Age-In program, produced as a conventional lettershop kit. The client wanted to save production & postal costs, reduce the 2x per month production, lessen production cycle time, eliminate inventory, and accomplish their vision of mailing more relevant images and copy.

Their current process presented multiple issues for the client that included:

  • The requirement to carry inventories of multiple items resulting in over and under-run issues
  • Lengthy production timeframes
  • Multiple print versions resulting in less than optimum
    postage strings
  • Limited ability to leverage data for more relevant copy and images in a highly competitive marketplace

The Solution:

We reviewed the order processing steps for quarterly inventory of the pre-printed letter shells, envelopes and brochures. The client found that the need to estimate quantities for advanced printing often led to inaccurate counts, resulting in depleted or overstocked print inventories toward the end of each quarter. The client was either throwing out material or scrambling to create additional printed pieces at a premium cost.

In addition, there were multiple set-ups inherent with the lettershop process due to plate and format changes which decreased the size of postal strings and prevented full optimization of the client’s postage costs.

Our team suggested an in-line solution utilizing our world class variable inkjet imaging technology. This would allow the key components of the client’s direct mail program to be produced in-line with 100% variable 4-color print. The program was designed to take the client’s three different formats with multiple print versions and produce them all in combination, in a single press run. This solution would also reduce the number of postal strings, allow for better postal optimization and result in significant postal savings.

The Results:

Our “in-line single format solution” utilizing variable inkjet imaging reduced the client’s production costs by 30-35%. In-line production efficiencies also helped to decrease the client’s cycle time by 14 days and allowed them to move to one production run per month.

In addition, this in-line concept created 6-figure postal savings on an annual basis by allowing the combination of mail strings creating maximum postal optimization.

Finally, this Managed Care Organization is well positioned to achieve their vision of delivering highly relevant messaging through the power of words and images by more effectively leveraging their data. They
can now easily test new messages and creative to continually improve campaign results.

Our business is governed by multiple levels of sales prevention tactics (also referred to as MNDAs and NDAs) so we can’t share with you our client names or the exact tactics they have leveraged to achieve these results. What we can do is share with you all of the tools in our tool box and help you leverage the same so you may achieve the results you are looking for.





In-line solution utilizing variable inkjet imaging technology
Consulting to help client streamline process


>Reduction in production costs by 30-35%
>Decrease in client’s cycle time by 14 days
>Move to one production run per month
>6-figure postal savings on an annual basis with postal optimization

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