• A luxury cruise line needed a high volume of promotional materials printed but had very limited resources and no streamlined way to manage production. The company was falling behind schedule.
  • The cruise line needed an integrated, full menu solution that could manage its digital assets, employ variable print data, support brand consistency, personalization and add new art content on an as needed basis to meet aggressive deadlines.
  • The company had attempted to build its own web-to-print solution, but it turned out to be expensive, inaccurate and didn’t accomplish what it needed to.

THE SOLUTION: T/O’s content management digital-to-print solution and custom asset management system

  • The solution’s customizable interface provided an immediate solution to the cruise line’s art needs. Its tracking and reporting capabilities provide up-to-the-minute information during every step of the process.
  • The asset management system provided the flexibility that the company needed to upload assets on their aggressive timeline and helped the cruise line manage assets in multiple media formats, along with offering user-set access levels, data security and automatic backups.


The resulting speed to market has allowed the cruise line to pivot during booking season to meet — and increase — booking goals with greater agility, ship by ship, cruise by cruise. The content is now dynamic, which has saved the company an estimated six hours per piece of collateral in design time and other costs. The cruise line can now create 2,000 custom flyers each year, and can manage and meet partner and vendor expectations.

Productivity and efficiency have increased significantly across the company, all the way down to the sales teams.

Our business is governed by multiple levels of sales prevention tactics (also referred to as MNDAs and NDAs) so we can’t share with you our client names or the exact tactics they have leveraged to achieve these results. What we can do is share with you all of the tools in our tool box and help you leverage the same so you may achieve the results you are looking for.





Digital-to-Print Solution
Custom Asset Management System


>Increased speed to market in a rapidly changing market
>Savings of 6 hours/piece of collateral in design time and other costs
>Increased productivity and efficiency

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