Advanced Print and Digital Technologies for Healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare providers are working to catch up with other industries in improving customer engagement. Due to the wide variety of healthcare options available now, healthcare providers must focus on revitalizing the patient experience. Patients, more than ever, are willing to switch providers based on a poor experience, whether it is during the check-in process, the face-to-face care or the billing.

While providers are aware that improvement is needed, it is often difficult to pinpoint the best and most cost effective strategy. A slick, fancy, expensive patient-portal platform is exciting and attractive, but it may be more realistic to start with smaller changes that have a large impact. The key is to identify the biggest pain points for patients and clinicians and develop solutions that target them.

To this end, it is important for healthcare providers to secure partners that can help them analyze patient data and provide guidance for workable solutions. The team at T/O has developed strategies to help with personalized patient outreach, screenings, patient follow up communications, and required communications for state and federal compliance. The T/O team can work with providers to develop software and print strategies to achieve selected goals.

Rewarding Patients to Influence Engagement

For instance, T/O helped one hospital system by designing an engagement solution that rewarded patient behavior using patient data gathered from the client’s internal data management platform (DMP). Based on the data, T/O developed a communication strategy that leveraged email, PURLs, direct mail and a reward to drive patient behavior. The hospital ultimately saw an increase in preventative appointments, which was the goal of the campaign. But more important, patients were actively engaging in their own care plans and having a more positive experience in relation to the hospital.

Other points of contact with patients can be assessed. Can the check-in process be streamlined using a kiosk or mobile device? Can the treatment and waiting rooms be brightened with printed material to educate and engage patients during the visit? Can post-visit printed communication be enhanced or personalized? Advanced print and digital technologies can automate these solutions and have direct impact on patient experience at an economical cost.

Advanced Technologies to Enhance Patient Experience

Implementing technologies designed for the healthcare industry that help transform the patient care experience can also create efficiencies in an organization’s workflow. The savings in time required to complete necessary tasks can allow more face-to-face interactions and decrease patient wait times. Collecting real metrics, analytics and user engagement data can be used to deepen connections and solidify branding. Automated print solutions can improve post visit follow up communication to extend a provider’s reach even when the patient is outside the facility.

Automating Compliance Communications

State and federal mandated healthcare communications consume a large chunk of a provider’s budget as well as utilizing vital staff time. T/O has developed automated workflow solutions for compliance. Streamlining this workload frees staff and clinicians for more face-to-face patient time. Automating compliance can also have a positive impact on costs by allowing organizations to operate more efficiently.

The healthcare industry is transforming and needs to refocus on patient experience. The success of improving patient experience comes down to the quality of data collected, analyzed and the actions taken. Providers need to take a broader view of their organization, and develop an overall strategy that focuses on the key issues relating to positive patient experience. A large part of their strategy will include advanced print and computing technologies that decrease wait time, improve clinician workflow and increase face time. The T/O team has been partnering with providers for over twenty five years to improve patient experience and the healthcare industry. We believe that success in patient engagement and cost savings are not opposite concepts.